About the Journal:

The Journal of Department of Legal Studies (JDLS) objective is to promote academic excellence, enhance legal research and update the various upcoming issues of Law.

The articles of the Journal relates to contemporary legal issues and emerging current topics of Law. The uniqueness of the journal is to provide ample opportunities to the writers. Original scholarly unpublished Articles are invited for its upcoming Volume Series (37-40) of 2019.

Who can apply?

Academicians, Judges, Legal professionals, Judicial Officers and Legal Research scholars may apply articles shall be submitted with an Abstract not exceeding 150 words in 1.5 spacing.

  • The font size is 12 and Times Roman pattern should be followed.
  • The article shall not exceed 8000 words.
Submission Guidelines:
  • Articles shall be scholarly in nature. Clarity of thought and expression is mandatory. Inter-disciplinary approach on legal issues is encouraged.
  • It shall be research-based original work of the author. It should not be published elsewhere.
  • The articles shall be subjected to plagiarism software. It shall be accompanied by the undertaking from the author that it is the original work of the author.
  • It would be peer reviewed by the Editorial Board and the decision of the board is final in publishing it.

Disclaimer Clause: The Directorate of Legal Studies and it’s Editorial committee shall not be responsible for the views, opinions expressed by the authors and it would be considered as their personal views of the authors concerned.

How to Submit?

The electronic submission of the manuscript shall be submitted to the Editorial Board, Directorate of Legal Studies, Chennai. e-mailed jdlschennai[at]

Please note that 30th June 2019, is the last date.


For any queries please email at jdlschennai[at]