Journal of Department of Legal Studies.

The Directorate of Legal studies Annual Journal of Department of Legal Studies accepts submission of legal articles throughout the year. Commentaries ,Notes and legal articles can be sent online to the directorate website and soft copy can be sent to the office of the Directorate of Legal Studies.

The schedule for considering the submission for publication is November 30th every year. All submissions are required to be addressed to the Editor. Articles shall be mailed to draglc104 / or mailed to the Editor, Year book of Legal Studies, Directorate of legal studies, chennai .

Any one, who wishes to contribute, is requested to submit hard copy of the article via mail and is requested to send the soft copy in compact disc (cd) along with the hard copy .

NOTE: The Directorate of Legal Studies anticipates that the author of the article shall strictly abide by the principles of academic integrity. Article shall be original free of plagiarism. Commentaries, articles, notes published elsewhere shall not be resubmitted for publication.

Text Format

The length of the manuscript should be between 3000 words to 15000 words.

Manuscript shall be of the following description and guidelines:

  • It shall be in Microsoft 2003 format
  • 1.5 lines spacing
  • Abstract not more than 150 words
  • Introduction
  • Conclusion
  • Foot notes shall be given in every page- to identify the primary sources of quotation and paraphrases. , to ensure acknowledgement of words phrases and ideas borrowed, to explain where additional evidence or commentary may be found, to provide other materials additionally, to provide for discussion that is relevant but which would disrupt the flow of the text if it were included in the paper itself, to refer the reader to the other parts of paper, to enable the reader to read the reference without having to turn to the end of the text which would otherwise tend to disrupt the flow of the text and hamper the smooth reading of the article.
  • Citations shall be placed in footnotes
  • Pages to be numbered

The Directorate of Legal Studies reserves the right to publish only if the article sent is of standard, and is of good quality. If any article received is not published, it would be returned to the sender in due course. Publishing rights vest with the Directorate of Legal Studies.

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